Having trouble picking a VoIP phone provider? You may recognize some of the big names in the industry, like Star2Star, but also be aware of local competitors, like ComTech Cloud. Which is best for your business? In this blog, we compare each company and how they serve you in terms of what matters most to you:

  1. Price
  2. Features
  3. Integration
  4. And more!

Hopefully by the end, you’ll have a clearer idea of which is best for your company!

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System Features & Options

Both ComTech Cloud and Star2Star service commercial businesses of all sizes (from small-to-medium sized operations to enterprise corporations). Working with either company, you’ll be able to choose from the same type of features and functionality.

Your specific needs and wants are of the highest importance to us. Utilize ComTech Cloud’s VoIP solutions to gain access to unique features such as:

  • Unified voicemail and fax messaging (eliminate the hassle and clutter!)
  • E911 (automatically provides emergency service personnel with a call-back number)
  • Intra-office calling (get the ability to call between multiple offices for free)
  • Softphones or “App” (make calls via your computer or an app rather than a hardwired phone)
  • Caller ID (typically an extra charge, but with the cloud, it’s included free!)
  • Voicemail (get a voicemail system without installing expensive equipment)
  • Call forwarding (ability to forward to your home, mobile, or any other chosen line while away from the office)
  • Auto attendant (have calls professionally answered with a customized company greeting and automatic routing)
  • Voice to email transcription (make checking your voicemail a breeze)