VoIP is an excellent choice for small businesses of all types, whether your company has just a few employees, dozens, or even hundreds. It offers impressive features not possible with a conventional phone system, plus the flexibility to expand as your business grows, call quality that rivals traditional networks, and extremely competitive pricing.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a phone system that eliminates traditional phone lines, instead using specialized network devices that convert your conversation to data packets that are encrypted and sent over the internet. With today’s high-speed internet connections, VoIP systems offer call quality and clarity that often exceed traditional phone lines, without the need to service and maintain a network of copper phone lines. That gives VoIP services a significant cost advantage, which is reflected in lower service fees.

The Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

VoIP or cloud-based phone services are a convenient and affordable option for small businesses, especially compared to traditional PBX systems. Just some of the many advantages of a VoIP system include:

  • Lower costs – Without the need for a traditional phone network and all the infrastructure it requires, VoIP services can offer attractive service fees without huge additional charges for things like multiple lines, long-distance calls, caller ID, or phone line maintenance.
  • Simple installation – With cloud-based phone services, there is no need for a phone company to run wires to your building or physically connect phone service. VoIP devices simply plug into your existing Ethernet network or internet modem.
  • Expandability – Adding more phone lines as your business grows is as simple as plugging in a VoIP device and activating the line with your provider.
  • Simple cloud interface – Account settings, voicemail, and other VoIP data are stored on secure cloud servers that can easily be accessed to make changes to your account, add or remove phone lines, or activate additional features.
  • Versatility – VoIP services offer flexibility that traditional phone services simply cannot. Phone calls can be routed to nearly any phone, mobile apps can be used to place business calls from a mobile phone, and remote workers can receive calls as easily as local employees.
  • Portability – VoIP and cloud phones can be used nearly anywhere there is an internet connection, which is perfect for remote workers, those who are on call, or those that travel frequently.
  • Convenient features – VoIP and cloud-based phones offer enhanced services and features that go above and beyond traditional phone lines. This can include intelligent call forwarding, SMS messages, video conferencing, and advanced call routing. Voices and faxes can be sent directly to email, and music or information can be added for on-hold callers.

With a VoIP or cloud-based phone system, you can provide your customers with excellent service 24/7 and present an organized, professional image that impresses customers and competitors alike.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

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