Cyber security is increasingly becoming a problem of concern for businesses of all sizes. With sensitive data like customer information, passwords, and financial credentials stored in cloud servers, business owners are worried about cyber security.

In fact, a 2020 Datto survey found that 89% of small and medium sized business owners are ‘very concerned’ about cyber security. This problem can be exacerbated by the fact that many businesses choose to outsource their IT by hiring a managed service provider (MSP).

However, an MSP’s role in cyber security is crucial. You should look at your MSP provider as a guardian dog who will protect your sensitive information from potential cyber attacks.

Here is how your MSP can help protect your company from cyber attacks.

Centralize Security Infrastructure

MSPs work by centralizing the IT infrastructures of many companies. This makes them a more appealing target to hackers, which is a good thing, paradoxically. Unless you’re in the cyber security business, you are not equipped to handle high-level cyber attacks—but your MSP should be.

Talk to your MSP and ensure that they are a security-first provider. A proactive MSP will be able to anticipate and prevent cyber attacks.

Create Cyber Security Protocols

One of the most significant roles of an MSP is to share their expertise with you to create a security protocol for your company. This should include the most up-to-date practices and software to ensure the security of your data, files, and logins.

Train Employees on Cyber Security Protocols

In addition to creating security protocols, your MSP should also train your employees on them. Cyber security is complex, and the best practices change constantly. It won’t be constructive to create long safety manuals if nobody in your organization can follow them.

This is important because hackers constantly develop new techniques to get sensitive information, like spear phishing. An effective MSP will train your employees on new security risks before hackers get a chance to get to them.

Make sure your MSP can hold routine training to keep your employees on top of the latest security updates.

Update to Most Effective Protocols and Softwares

A security-first MSP will constantly look for ways to improve its security features. Hackers are continually evolving their cyber-attack tactics, so an MSP needs to always be two steps ahead of them.

A proactive MSP will constantly work on:


If you haven’t yet, talk to your MSP today and find out if they’re actively working towards improving their safety performance.

Hire an Experienced MSP for Cyber Security

If you haven’t hired an MSP provider yet, one of the first things you want to look for is their track record with cyber security. In 2022, you cannot afford to hire a managed service provider that is not security-first.

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