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General Questions

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What is ComTech Systems Inc?

ComTech Systems is your one-stop shop for Managed IT and Voice Solutions for small and medium-sized business enterprises. We have a dedicated team of certified professionals who will assist you every step of the way.

Where are your services available?

We are currently offering our services to various industries in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. You can find more detailed information on our services area here.

Which industries do you offer IT services to?

We offer IT services to a host of different industries, which include, but are not limited to, financial, legal, medical and biotech firms. We also provide our services to a variety of small businesses and non-profits.

What are the benefits of ComTech Managed IT Support?

There are many benefits of getting ComTech Managed IT Support, such as,
• Predictable Costs – a fixed monthly cost for all your support. Discounted rates for additional project work. Making it easier to budget your IT expenses.
• Consistent Reliability – we deliver network reliability through our proactive approach of fixing and updating 24/7
• Improved network security – with us monitoring and managing your network around the clock keep you updated, resolve issues, and install patches in total delivery on the promise to keep things running smoothly.
• Access to the best tools and advice – enabling your company to use the latest technology and tools available.
• Simplicity and Scalability – We can adjust our support and cost to match your origination’s needs. Delivering on our promise to provide a competitive advantage and save you money.

What are Managed IT Solutions?

Managed IT solutions are services provided by a third-party vendor that handles various IT tasks on behalf of the client. These tasks can include cloud operations, network security, data infrastructure, software support, and more.
ComTech Systems Inc. offers affordable and reliable IT services to SMBs who want to optimize their information architecture or IT network performance. Instead of hiring and managing an entire team of IT professionals, which can be costly and time-consuming, SMBs can outsource their IT tasks to ComTech Systems Inc. and enjoy expert and tailored solutions for a monthly fee.

Why are Managed IT Services important?

All companies of all sizes in all industries have growing technology needs. In order to support an increasingly complex IT environment, it is important to partner with a company that employs experts to help you stay up and running, protected and profitable. Managed IT services provide companies with the professional resources to achieve just that. By outsourcing IT services, your business can save money on the cost of hiring an internal team; stay current on system updates; reduce downtime during IT failures; and protect against cybersecurity threats to your business.

Do you provide 24/7 customer support for all your customers?

We provide support where needed: Most clients only need support during standard business hours, but some require broader coverage time. ComTech Systems Inc. can provide 24/7 coverage, expert technicians, and customized solutions.

What Cloud Computing Services do you provide?

We provide the following cloud computing services to all our clients;
• DaaS or Desktop as a Service
• Microsoft Azure
• Microsoft Teams Support
• Microsoft 365 Support
• Virtualization solutions and,
• Windows Virtual Desktop
• SaaS monitoring and Alerts for cloud applications

What are the advantages of Desktop as a Service (Daas)?

If you opt for ComTech’s Desktop as a service, you enjoy the following benefits;
• Centralized desktop management
• Access your desktop through virtually any device
• Enhanced data security
• No added cost of infrastructure
• Easily deploy and scale to meet your needs

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. It allows you to make voice calls to phones via an internet connection. Having an excellent communication system in place is a necessity for the optimal performance of a business. Thankfully, we provide the best VoIP solutions to our clients at ComTech.

What should I do in any emergency on weekends or after hours?

For our current clients: If you face a sudden problem on weekends or after hours, contact us at 301-670-1900 and select option 5 to leave a message for the on-call technician. Our response time is within 2 hours.

Should Financial and accounting firms opt for IT solutions?

Yes, absolutely. Financial and Accounting Firms should opt for IT services because they handle the sensitive financial data of their clients. ComTech Systems provides companies with the right technologies to address cyber threats and potential data breaches through its superior solutions.

Why would law firms need IT support?

Law firms are a fast-paced work environment where everything needs to be ready to go. Law firms need good IT support to ensure the security of their client data and reliability of their computer systems and networks at any time, and from wherever they need it.

Why does the BioTech Industry need IT services?

There is tremendous regulation in these spaces, so it is wise to have robust IT solutions. Similar to our Medical clients HIPPA compliance can dictate deploying best of class solutions and protections. The latest rules on the safety of clinical trial data and overall client information make it necessary for biotech firms to invest in IT.

Where is Comtech Systems Inc. based?

ComTech Systems is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

What services are offered at ComTech Systems Inc?

We offer a wide range of IT-related services to small to medium-sized businesses. These services include;
• Cloud Computing
• Managed IT Support
• Custom IT
• Cyber Security
• Virtual CIO Services
• Business Telephone services (VOIP)

How to Contact ComTech Systems?

You can get in touch with us at our email address at You can call us at 301-670-1900, or you can alternatively, fill in the form on the Contact Us page of our website.

How do I get IT Services tailored specifically for my business?

Recognizing the unique nature of each company, we, as an IT service provider, strive to deliver services meticulously customized to meet our clients’ specific needs. Upon your initial contact, our dedicated team invests time in comprehending your business in-depth, enabling us to propose solutions that align seamlessly with your requirements. Our process commences with a thorough analysis of your existing IT network, assessing its capacity to cater to your organization’s demands. Coupled with our flexible pricing model, this allows us to scale our services to perfectly match your evolving needs.

What Managed IT Services do you provide?

We provide managed support
• Windows Servers onsite
• Cloud Server (Private data center or Azure)
• Managed support for MS Azure
• Help Desk
• Cyber Security
• As needed project work

How can Managed IT Services help my company?

Managed IT services help businesses prevent costly downtime by proactively monitoring your network for issues and remediating them. Since your network is remotely monitored, your risk of viruses, breaches, and downtime decreases. The flat fee can also help you save hundreds or even thousands compared to the high cost of break/fix IT services or internal teams.

Does ComTech provide cloud computing services?

Yes, at ComTech Systems, we provide a range of exceptional top-of-the-line cloud computing services.

What is Daas or Desktop as a Service?

Daas is a way to virtualize your desktop without the need for any infrastructure as such. You can monitor, maintain, and deploy workspaces in the cloud and access them through any device or operating system. An example of Daas is Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

What Cybersecurity services do you offer at ComTech?

• Managed Firewalls, onsite and cloud (virtual)
• Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) solution that monitors network traffic for signs of unauthorized access and alerts you when it detects suspicious activity
• Zero Trust solutions
• Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): EDR is a type of security solution that helps detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time
• Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP): EPP is a security solution that provides a comprehensive approach to endpoint security. It includes antivirus, firewall, and intrusion prevention capabilities, among others
• Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): ATP is a security solution that uses machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect and respond to advanced threats
• Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a set of policies procedures and tools to enable recovery and the continuation of the business due to events such as ransomware attacks, human error, and malicious deletion of data.
Your company’s network and data are crucial for its smooth functioning, so hiring a company specializing in security-related matters is best. ComTech has an experienced and certified team of cybersecurity experts who will protect you from network security threats.

Do I need new phones for VoIP?

No, not necessarily. Your older phones may work perfectly well with our VoIP solution. You should contact your phone provider for more information in that regard.

What if I need a customized solution for my business?

No worries. We have a competent team of IT professionals who will assess your requirements and your company’s current information architecture to devise a solution tailored specifically for your business.

Do you comply with HIPAA regulations for healthcare industries?

Yes, Our team is HIPAA Certified. We ensure our IT services meet the” Best practices” as recommended within HIPPA.

Do you provide IT services to small businesses?

Yes, most of our clients are small business owners. We love working with hardworking small business owners. We offer them top-of-the-line services and provide customized solutions tailored to their budget and needs.

What Does a Virtual CIO Do?

While an MSP will provide troubleshooting, repairs, and remote management over your IT systems, a virtual CIO provides more in-depth services. Virtual CIOs act as an organization’s chief information officer, assisting with IT strategy, budgeting, systems analysis, and aligning IT capabilities with long-term business goals. Through ComTech’s managed IT services, we can also provide your company with a vCIO to assist with planning, analysis, and overall strategy for your business’ long-term IT success.
Find out more about our vCIO offerings by contacting ComTech today.

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