Communication is essential to the success of your business. Whether you’re collaborating with team members or meeting with new customers, it’s imperative that you optimize the communication process. Unified communications (UC) helps optimize the communication process by providing features like video conferencing, call control, and more. So, why haven’t you made the switch yet?

Adopting unified communications is a big decision that requires asking some tough questions: is it the best choice for your business in the long-term? Does it make financial sense to invest? How easy is it to integrate with existing solutions? There’s a lot to consider, so we found five reasons to help ease the decision process.

Reduce the cost of multi-platform solutions.

UC includes video conferencing, call control, presence and other solutions that are typically bought separately.  By integrating all of those features, you not only create a seamless technology experience, you reduce the number of fees you’re paying for each platform.

Connect your team with improved availability.

No matter where your team is located – different offices, states or countries – you’ll have a direct line to the person you need. Using instant messaging and UC solutions, see when someone is available or when they’re in a meeting, so you can stay connected with your team easier.

Provide a better customer experience with call control.

Nothing is more frustrating for a new or existing customer than being placed on hold for extended periods of time and experiencing multiple call transfers. With call control, you know exactly why a customer has called, who they’ve already talked to and how long they’ve been waiting before you say “hello.”


Clean up your workflow with employee accountability.

With traditional phone systems, it’s difficult to track which team members are talking to which customers. UC optimizes your work processes by minimizing finger-pointing. You’ll see exactly which team member spoke to which customer and how long they conversed.

Improve productivity with streamlined communications.

By uniting your communications, you not only reduce the amount of back-and-forth between your internal team, but you minimize the call-holding times of your customers. UC uses direct communication methods to boost productivity, reduce wait times and help solve your customer’s challenges faster.


When it comes down to it, deploying unified communication solutions is easy with the right partner. Contact us today to learn more about our UC services and how we can help you optimize your telecommunications.