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Specialized IT Solutions for Industries in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.

You need a trusted partner that understands both your strategic goals and the technological demands of your specific industry. ComTech has extensive experience integrating industry-specific technologies and applications to develop an IT infrastructure you can depend on. We provide unique business IT solutions based on your performance criteria and budget.


Specialized IT Solutions for Your Industry

ComTech understands that each industry is accompanied by its own unique IT challenges and technology requirements. We deliver affordable, service-level agreements geared toward specific Industries. Our team has extensive experience configuring, servicing, and managing IT infrastructures tha provide actual value.

ComTech Provides Business IT Solutions for


Today’s financial and accounting firms are built around the customer, they trust you with their confidential data and count on you to keep it safe. In fact, keeping this data safe is a top priority. To keep your customers’ information safe…

Legal Services

You know that as a law firm, your business relies heavily on technology. Your technology infrastructure must be able to support your legal team’s data and allow them to access files, depositions, and court documents from anywhere in a secure…

Healthcare & Medical

Better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication and collaboration. ComTech offers medical IT solutions and support, specifically geared toward small and medium-sized medical practices. We optimize your…

Small Business

Having the right technology to support your small business is a great start for attaining sustainable scalability. But in order to truly reap the benefits of your business’s IT, you need to have a team of certified professionals to provide…


The men and women of your non-profit organization work day and night to achieve your goals. As they strive to accomplish your mission, they rely on a steady and stable stream of data to operate efficiently and effectively…

Biotech IT

If your business is in the Biotech Industry and you are looking to be compliant with the latest regulations regarding clinical trial data, as well as keeping your client’s information safe, ComTech Biotech IT Services…

ComTech Managed IT Services

Your business’s technology matters, and having a team to manage your IT is as important as having powerful tools capable of supporting sustainable scalability. But with a small or midsize business, staffing a team of IT professionals can be costly and unrealistic at this stage in your company’s growth. You need managed IT services you can trust without breaking your budget by hiring new employees.

ComTech proudly serves Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC business owners, providing them with the managed IT services they need to be successful. Serving a wide range of industries, our IT professionals understand how high-functioning technology impacts your business performance.

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