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Traditional infrastructure systems are becoming a thing of the past. In fact, a lot of the times they’re more of a hindrance to your Gaithersburg business’s success than an asset. Plus, they create a mess of wires that are costly to maintain and can’t carry ever-increasing data. That’s why ComTech offers structured cabling services to businesses in the Gaithersburg area. Our data cabling services provide the organization your office needs when it comes to your wiring, so call us today to get started!

To learn more about our structured cabling in DC and Maryland, give us a call today! We’ll help get your office’s IT cabling organized so that it’s reliable and efficient when you need it most. Call us at 301-670-1900 or contact us online today!

It Cabling Services
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Benefits of IT Cabling

If you’re wondering whether or not structured wiring service is right for your business, consider these benefits:

Single point of contact for all changes

Fully unified IT network for data, voice, and video

High bandwidth easily supports future applications

Expert management of migration and deployment

Consolidate wiring systems into a single infrastructure

Save time, money, and manpower

If you’re ready to configure the right structured cabling solution for your Gaithersburg, MD office, get in touch with us today! Dial 301-670-1900.

What Is Structured Cabling?

The experts at ComTech are committed to ensuring all your needs are met efficiently while streamlining your entire IT network. That’s why we offer structured cabling services. Structured cabling is a network of cabling and associated hardware that your office uses, mainly for telecommunication purposes, all packaged up neatly to make sure your systems are running as efficiently as possible and not slowed down by a jumbled mess of wires. Look to us for all of your structured cabling needs, including:

  • Network design and consulting
  • Cable rewiring
  • Data center cabling
  • Installation of copper and fiberoptic cables
  • Compliance testing
  • System administration
  • And more

When it comes to your Maryland or DC business’s structured cabling needs, trust the experts at ComTech to get the job done right. Our data cabling services are customized to fit your exact business needs, so you’re not getting just any old generic service. To get started, give us a call at or contact us online.

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Simplify and Save With IT Cabling Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Structured Cabling

As a leading provider of managed IT services in Maryland and the DC area, we receive frequent questions about our structured cabling services. Below are the answers to our most common questions:


Structured cabling is a term for the design and installation of an IT cabling system that will meet all the data, voice, and video needs of a business — now and in the future — with as much organization and future-proofing as possible. The implementation of structured cabling will be tailored to the needs of the individual facility, though standards such as TIA 942 and EIA/TIA 568 will be typically be followed. It replaces point-to-point cabling to create a more logical and easy-to-use layout.


Instead of point-to-point connections between devices, structured cabling systems use centralized backbone cabling along with conveniently located main distribution areas (MDAs) that serve as connection points or patch panels for individual devices. Together, the system makes adding or moving devices easy, while providing plenty of cabling and bandwidth for future upgrades.


The primary components of a structured cabling system include:

  • Entrance facilities – The primary connection to telecommunications services like phone, internet, cable, and alarm services.
  • Equipment rooms – Rooms that house networking equipment and consolidation points.
  • Backbone cabling – The main cabling system that connects equipment rooms to the entrance facilities, providing the entire building with communications.
  • Horizontal cabling – Cabling that connects equipment rooms to individual work areas.
  • Telecommunications rooms – Rooms used to connect horizontal cabling to the backbone cabling.
  • Work-area components – The hardware and cabling used to make the final connection to end-user devices like phones and computers.

Structure cabling systems offer consistent design and implementation throughout a facility, keeping maintenance costs and management time to a minimum. They provide all the cabling necessary for voice, data, video, and other telecommunications services, along with plenty of expansion room for the future. Additionally, adding, removing, or moving equipment is made easy with only short patch cables required and consistent cabling design from location to location. The result is better communications and higher productivity throughout your facility.

For more information about structured cabling systems and their benefits, call ComTech at (301) 670-1900 or contact us online.