It’s been a busy summer with upgrades and installs. We’ve recently finished a couple doctor’s offices. A NEC SV8100 system was installed in a four site doctor’s office. Their headquarters site had a call center with about four to five people. During the peak times of the day they have one to two people log in at their satellite sites and at one point in time they were having these people report to different offices. Now they can report to the office where they’re most active, where their job description keeps them and then they’re not driving between sites. They just log in, do what they have to do for a couple of hours, as far as the peak times, of accepting calls and then they can go back to their daily routine. The other doctor’s office, a three site office was a Zultys system. They are a long time customer of ours and they were excited for much the same reasons. They have a call center at their main site with ten agents and two satellite sites where they would have two to three people log in during the peak times of the day. They can now go about their business after the peak times again and they’re not driving back and forth between sites to log in. Instead of having to just stand over the system, they can sit down and take calls at peak times. One of the biggest benefit the Zultys system is the strength of its networking. Workers don’t always have to be at headquarters. With this, they went from what seemed like the 18th century to the year 2012. Right now the word “Hosted” has everybody’s ear. So people want to talk about that because new technology is not for everybody. But for those that fit the application, it’s a home run, it beats the heck out of having a CPU in your closet.