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Azure is the top choice for cloud computing, providing over 200 products and services delivering solutions for addressing today’s challenges. Simply the best option when considering replacing or enhancing your on-site servers.

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What Is Microsoft Azure?

At its core, Azure is a public cloud computing platform with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more. It can be used to replace or supplement your on-premise servers. It’s scalable, flexible, reliable, and secure. By migrating your hardware, data, and software assets to the Microsoft Azure platform, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

Less hardware overhead

With servers, clients, and data storage virtualized, commodity hardware can be used for most tasks, eliminating costly workstations and the upkeep they demand.

Improved data security

With much of your data in the cloud, instead of stored on local machines that can be lost, damaged, or physically compromised, your sensitive and proprietary data is more secure.

Consistent software deployment

With cloud-based software and virtual desktops, everyone in your organization can be on the same page with identical software, updated automatically.

Reduced IT staffing

With less need for on-site hardware and software upkeep, you can reduce your IT staff.

Scaleable infrastructure

As your business needs grow, you can expand your IT assets by simply adding more virtual servers, desktops, and storage. If you need more computing resources for a particularly intensive task, the virtual machine can be scaled to match.

Office 365 integration

Office 365 assets and data can be directly integrated into your Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

More About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an advanced cloud computing platform that can host a variety of services and applications that include:

Software as a service

Platform as a service

Infrastructure as a service

Desktop as a service (virtual desktops) and more..

It can virtualize all of your computing assets, from servers and data storage to software applications and desktops, allowing you to enjoy a completely scalable IT infrastructure that is fully secure and available anywhere.

Virtual Assets at Your Fingertips. That’s the Power of Microsoft Azure.

Why Choose ComTech for Microsoft Azure?

ComTech can help your business configure, manage, and deploy Microsoft Azure and related services and applications. We can handle all the behind-the-scenes configuration, updates, and software deployments, allowing your team to simply log in and get to work.

We strive to offer our customers turnkey IT solutions that allow their business to be more productive without the technology getting in the way. We offer fully managed IT services and IT support that gives your business a partner you can rely on for help whenever you need it

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ComTech proudly serves Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC business owners, providing them with the managed IT services they need to be successful. Serving a wide range of industries, our IT professionals understand how high-functioning technology impacts your business performance.

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