As 2022 comes up, small and medium-sized businesses are wondering what’s in store in terms of cyber security. This is the continuation of a recent trend, where 89% SMBs in 2020 reported to be ‘very concerned’ about cyber security.

Truthfully, just the fact that you’re thinking about cyber security in advance already puts you ahead of the curve, as most people are not proactive about their cyber security. The problem is that most people become aware of and invested in cyber security after they’ve fallen victim to an attack.

Here are seven tips that will help you keep your firm’s sensitive information secure in 2022.

Prepare Against Phishing

Phishing, in particular spear phishing, is on the rise. We expect this trend to continue in 2022, as hackers try to target the least prepared individuals within your company.

Make sure that your IT department or managed IT provider is constantly training all the members of your organization in the latest cyber security protocols.

Secure Your Wireless Connection

ISACA’s 2021 Cyber Security Report found that 1 in 3 people prefer fast internet over a slower but more secure connection. This is a problem, especially now that cyber security is such a big problem.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is secure, encrypted, and hidden to prevent cyber attacks.

Invest in Off-Site Cyber Security

As the Omicron variant of Covid continues to infect people in the United States, we don’t anticipate that things will go back to business as usual in 2022. In fact, we think that remote work will continue to be a viable option for non-essential companies that can operate remotely.

While this can be a great option, it’s crucial to invest in cyber security for the devices and connections that your employees will use when working remotely. Check out our blog on BYOD security for more information.

Back-Up Important Data

Having a secure way to back up your data is like having a health insurance plan: you hope you won’t need it, but if you do, you’ll be thrilled to have it. It’s worth investing in comprehensive data backup solutions before it’s too late.

Limit Employee Access to Sensitive Information

Although you may trust all of your employees or members of your organization, you should limit who has access to what. Not because you distrust them, but because you don’t want a hacker to access unnecessary information should they compromise your employee’s hardware or log in.

Enable Multi-Step Authentication

Multi-step authentication is a hacker’s worst nightmare. They go through all the trouble of phishing or figuring out your password, only to be hit with a second layer of security. In most cases, this means it’s game over for the hackers.

Go Passwordless

You might be able to take it one step further beyond two-step authentication and just go completely passwordless. Although it sounds risky, passwordless authentication is more secure than traditional password logins.

Earlier in 2021, Microsoft 365 rolled out passwordless login for its users. Google and Apple seem to be working on the same. Perhaps 2022 will be the year when passwordless logins will be a reality for most people.

Hire a Managed IT Provider for a Safe 2022

If you’re worried about your business’s cyber security prospects for 2022, hire a managed IT provider that will handle your cyber security for you. ComTech Systems has years of experience helping financial, legal, medical, and SMBs in the Washington, DC area. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your data secure through 2022.